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February 1, 2016

🔗 Wiki

🔗 Web interface

🔗 Install

🔗 Install voicecode

Install meteor

curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh

Checkout repos

Install / run voicecode

cd ~/voicecode && ./run.sh

Python v3.4.3 not supported by gyp

npm config set python python2.7

Use Dragon Dictate version 5

vi ~/voicecode/commando/config/user_settings.coffee

Settings.dragonVersion = 5

🔗 Configuring dragon

🔗 Auto formatting

Manage Profiles > Settings cog > Auto Formatting...

Un-check all and click apply

🔗 Commands

Commands Overview


🔗 quinn

inserts an IDE code snippet

🔗 snore

put dragon into sleep mode

🔗 creek

repeat last complete spoken phrase [n] times (default 1)

🔗 repple

Repeats an individual command component. Right after any command say [repple X] to repeat it X times

🔗 crew

search forward for the next thing you say, then select it

🔗 keeper

whatever follows this command will be interpreted literally

🔗 scratchy

tries to do a ‘smart’ undo by deleting previously inserted characters if the previous command only inserted text

🔗 tragic

tries to select the previously inserted text if possible

🔗 strict on / off

puts VoiceCode into one of the predefined ‘strict’ modes, where only a subset of commands can be executed

🔗 swick

Switch to most recent application

🔗 foxwitch

open application switcher

🔗 webseek

open a new browser tab (from anywhere)

🔗 fox

open application

🔗 spark

paste the clipboard (or named item from {stoosh} command)

🔗 allspark

select all then paste the clipboard

🔗 skoopark

insert space then paste the clipboard (or named item from {stoosh} command)

🔗 stooshwick

copy whatever is selected then switch applications

🔗 stoosh

copy whatever is selected (if an argument is given whatever is copied is stored with that name and can be pasted via {spark [name]})

🔗 allstoosh

select all then copy whatever is selected

🔗 snatch

cut whatever is selected

🔗 shock

press the return key

🔗 junk

press the delete key

🔗 spunk

pressed the forward delete key

🔗 dizzle


🔗 rizzle


🔗 tarp

inserts a tab

🔗 tarsh

inserts a shift + tab

🔗 gibby

Switch to next window in same application

🔗 shibby

Switch to previous window in same application

🔗 shompla

zoom in

🔗 shaman

zoom out

🔗 shabble

indent to the left

🔗 shabber

indent to the right

🔗 marneck

find the next occurrence of a search term

🔗 marpreev

find the previous occurrence of a search term

🔗 olly

select all

🔗 sage

file > save

🔗 totch

close a window or tab

🔗 marco


🔗 talky

open a new tab

🔗 randall

press escape

🔗 prome

press the home key

🔗 prend

press the end key

🔗 shin

does nothing, but enters into voice code

🔗 skoosh

insert a space

🔗 shockoon

Inserts a new line below the current line

🔗 shockey

Inserts a new line above the current line

🔗 doomway

move the cursor to the bottom of the page

🔗 doom

press the down arrow

🔗 jeepway

move the cursor to the top of the page

🔗 jeep

Press the up arrow

🔗 crimp

press the left arrow

🔗 chris

press the right arrow

🔗 shunkrim

move the cursor by word to the left

🔗 shunkrish

move the cursor by word to the right

🔗 ricky

moves the cursor all the way to the right

🔗 derek

moves the cursor on the way to the right than inserts a space

🔗 nudgle

remove a space before the adjacent word on the left

🔗 ricksy

selects all text to the right

🔗 lefty

move the cursor all the way to the left

🔗 lecksy

selects all text to the left

🔗 shackle

selects the entire line

🔗 snipline

with no arguments will delete the entire line(s). With a single argument will move to that line and delete it. With a number range will delete the range of lines

🔗 snipper

will delete everything to the right

🔗 snipple

will delete everything to the left

🔗 jolt

will duplicate the current line

🔗 trough

delete a word at a time (press option-delete)

🔗 kite

forward delete a word at a time

🔗 goneck

go to next thing (application-specific), tab, message, etc.

🔗 gopreev

go to previous thing (application-specific), tab, message, etc.

🔗 baxley

go “back” - whatever that might mean in context

🔗 fourthly

go “forward” - whatever that might mean in context

🔗 freshly

reload or refresh depending on context

🔗 duke

double click

🔗 chipper


🔗 chiff

left click

🔗 triplick

Tripple click

🔗 shicks


🔗 chibble

selects the entire line of text cursor hovers over

🔗 dookoosh

mouse double click, then copy

🔗 chiffpark

mouse single click, then paste

🔗 shackloosh

select entire line, then copy

🔗 shacklark

select entire line, then paste

🔗 page up

press PageUp key [N] times

🔗 page down

press PageDown key [N] times

🔗 scrodge

scroll down

🔗 scroop

scroll up

🔗 Troubleshooting

🔗 Difficult to recognize words

Also for correcting command misspellings

🔗 Dragon Crashes At Startup

Quit voicecode

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dragon/Commands/*

Launch Dragon then quit

Restart voicecode

Launch Dragon