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July 1, 2013

The first post to my blog was made on a wintry morning in Ceres.

May there be many more to come!

🔗 Edit 2015-01-08

After trying a couple of different static site generators and not really finding a good workflow I abandoned the idea of posting my technical notes to a blog. It was just easier to keep a collection of text files on my hard drive.

Yesterday I resurrected mozey.tk using python, flask and strapdown.js. Hopefully it will stick this time.

🔗 Edit 2015-12-23

dot tk started charging money for their domains and the interface is not the best. I like the new domain name better anyway.

Now using github pages and some very simple bash scripts to generate strapdown pages from markdown files. These scripts will also go on github soon, after being streamlined a bit.

🔗 Edit 2016-01-10

Had issues with making strapdown pages searchable. Now using Pandoc to pre-render markdown

🔗 Edit 2016-04-04

Switched to gohugo for generating static content.

Having some issues with removing cached /blog pages from Google search.

🔗 Edit 2017-04-07

Changing gohugo theme, the detox theme is a bit broken

New theme is academic

🔗 Edit 2021-09-02

Changed hugo theme again, this time using hugo-theme-basic: “Basic site theme styled with minimal tachyons, syntax highlighting, and blog series configuration."

Switched hosting from github pages to AWS S3 & Cloudflare, S3 Website