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97 things every programmer should know

March 14, 2017

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know


🔗 Act with Prudence

If you find yourself having to choose between “doing it right” and “doing it quick”… As soon as you make the decision to compromise, log an issue. Pay off technical debt as soon as possible.

🔗 Apply Functional Programming Principles

Referential transparency functions consistently yield the same results given the same input, irrespective of where and when they are invoked

Master the functional programming paradigm so you are able to judiciously apply the lessons learned to other domains.

Mock Roles, not Objects

🔗 Ask “What Would the User Do?” (You Are not the User)

If you must have instructions or help text, make sure to locate it right next to your problem areas. A user’s narrow focus of attention is why tool tips are more useful than help menus.

It’s better to provide one really obvious way of doing things.

🔗 Automate Your Coding Standard